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This is my personal website - an account of all my deeds. The various sections of this site are:


This section is devoted to my Guruji Param Pujya Swami Shri Govindanand Tirth Ji Maharaj. In this section I try to provide information about my Guru Parampara, our Ashram etc.

Family And Friends

This is the family and friends section. My family is the most important thing to me in this world. Similarly, my friends are priceless to me. They definetly deserve space on this website as they already have a large portion of my heart.


I am fond of writing. My philosophy is - I acquired knowledge from this world. So it's my duty to pay back to the world." and my way of paying back is writing. I write articles of many subjects but most of them are on technical stuff like programming followed by relegious matters.


I Love reading. I have read lots of books. (I don't want to count otherwise I will forget counting..Ha ha). I have even try to write one or two books but never send them for publishing. In this section I descussed some of my favourite books.


This section is devoted to the students and freshers. But this is useful to experienced and professionals as well. Here I have written details about the different software projects I worked upon. Even I am planning to develop some sample projects for computer science students. This section will also have code repositiory.


Athato Ghumakkar Jigyasa - I am a nomad ... to some extant. I like visiting places. And photographs are the sweet memories of your journeys. Some of these sweet memories are presented in this section.


Sometimes, we capture a very specific moment in our video camera. Just to make these moments alive to my family and friends, I have uploaded some very spoecific videos for this section.

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