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Design Patterns

By Christipher G. Lasater
Design Patterns - by Christipher G. Lasater
ISBN: 81-8333-192-0
Author: C. G. Lasater
Publisher: BPB Publication
Language: English
Category: Technical

Design Patterns demonstrates how software developers can improve the performance, maintainability, portability, and scalability of their code through the use of the Gang of Four design patterns. After a discussion of the design pattern methadologies, reason forj using design patterns, and object oriented programming techniques, the book delves into each of the 23 patterns.

Each pattern section gives a detailed description of the pattern, refactored from either boolean logic or simpler, less-maintainable code that you might encounter in the real world, and shown reader how to use the patterns in their code. The text wals readers through making the move from the current code to the patterns, lists the benifit of using the pattern, and shows how the pattern performs after the refactoring effort, with a goal throughout of providing practical implementations.

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