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Programming SQl Server 2005

By Andrew J. Brust and Stephen Forte
Programming SQl Server 2005 - By Andrew J. Brust and Stephen Forte
ISBN: 81-7853-098-8
Author: Brust and Forte
Publisher: Microsoft Press
Language: English
Category: Technical

The back cover of book reads:
"Get hands-on, expert guidance for developing custom database applications.

Get the strainghtforward information you need to learn the core programability feature in SQL Server 2005. This guide offers hands-on programming instructions, poractical examples, and code samples to help you design and develop robust database applications and business intelligence."

And I found that to be true.

This books helps me to:

  • Program views, stored procedures, triggers and functional using T-SQL.
  • Work with the new XML data type and XQuery method.
  • Automate common administration and maintenance task.
  • Debug database, reposts, and objects using VS 2005.
  • Write transactional code and implement local and distributed transactions.
  • Develop mobile data applications using SQL Server 2005 Everywhere Edition.
  • Use SQL Server notification Services to develop applications that deliver event-driven notificatiosn to the user.
  • Use business intelligence tools, such as SQL Server Reporting Service and OLAP and data mining components.
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