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My Family

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My Parents

Sleeping Angel My Mom, Smt. O. K. Tyagi is a housewife. She lives with my father in our ancestral village home, look after him, takes care of home and spend her spare time in doing meditation and prayer. She is follower of the tradition of Shaktipat and disciple of great Swami Shri Govindanand Tirth Ji Maharaj. She is also a member of Gayatri Pariwar and had participated in more then 100 events of the Pariwar. My mother taught me all the sanskar and moral education. She set the examples by herself. She is the best teacher, motivator and problem solver in the world. Though she had never had formal education, she is well versed with Hindi, English and Sanskrit. She had studied all major books of Hindu Religion such as Vedas, Ramayana,, Mahabharata, Shrimad Bhagwatgita and Purans.

Sleeping Angel My Father, Shri M. P. Tyagi is a retired person from civil defense. He is a man of principles. Having great will power. He set the examples of a disciplined life. I never saw him sleeping after 4 o’clock in the morning. In summers, he go for morning walk and in winter he remains in his blanket but sitting straight and doing meditation. He is also a very religious man. Every day he used to spent one and half hours in the prayer of God before his retirement. He is also associated with the Gayatri Pariwar.

At his time, dad was very brilliant in mathematics. When I was young, I have seen many people, his colleagues and friends, to come over to him with their problems of mathematics, mechanics and how-to-do-it sort of problems. When he was studying in college, he had to travel more than 10 Km. on foot to reach his school.

Now he looks after our agriculture farms and cattle and spent most of his time in meditation, prayer and studying scripture. 

My Better Half and My Little Angel

Sleeping Angel Alka my dear wife, is the source of inspiration and energy in my life. She is 5'1'' with fair complexion. Her charming face always radiates very positive energy. She holds Post Graduate degree in political science from Delhi University. She is a magician as well. She always knows what I need. If I am feeling trusty, while working at my computer in late night, she suddenly appears with a glass of water in his hand. When I need tea/coffee, she came and ask, “Chai piyoge ya coffee?” (Will you have tea or coffee?). I always wonder how she comes to know about my feelings.

Sleeping Angel Yanshi, my little angel, is really a cute but naughty child. She is always eager to hug me when I return home. Her little hands and innocent talks freshen me up and I forget all the tiredness. Playing with her (she had all those innovative and boring games as a child can) makes me feel like a child. Sometimes, her innocent questions became very difficult to answer.


Sleeping Angel I have three brothers and no sister. My eldest brother is Sports Office with the state government. MY second brother is a mechanical engineer (specialization in tool-and-die engineering) and works for civil defense. My other brother is an electronic engineer giving specialization in microprocessor programming and manufacturing automation. Currently he works for one of the largest thread manufacturing company.



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