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My Guruji

Swami Govindanand Tirth
My Guruji
My Guruji
My Guruji, Swami Govindanand Tirth Ji Maharaj is a great saint, yogi and teacher of Shaktipat Tradition.

Linage of Tirth Order
Tirth Order is an ancient order. The great great Guru (as known to current desciples) of Shaktipat tradition is Swami Parmanand Tirth Ji Maharaj. Click on the above link to know His linage of desciples.

Yog Shri Peeth Ashram
Established by Param Pujya Swami Vishnu Tirth Ji Maharaj, this is spiritual ashram situated at the bank of Holy River Ganges at the Holiest place of Rishikesh (Muni Ki Reti).

Swami Mrityunjay Tirth
आजकल आप ऋषिकेश में योग श्री पीठ आश्रम में परम पूज्य गुरुदेव स्वामी श्री गोविंदानंद तीर्थ जी महाराज के उत्तराधिकारी के रूप में निवास करते हैं.

Narayan Kuti Ashram
This is the another establishment of Swami Vishnu Tirth Ji Maharaj at Devas, Madhya Pradesh in India.

Other Ashrams
There are nearly 100 ashrams of Tirth Order. The followers of Shaktipat Tradition is frequently visit these ashrams for their enlightenment.

Books on Shakripat
Many books has been written on Shaktipat by Gurus of linage like Shri Yogananda Vigyani Ji, Swami Vishnu Tirth Ji, Swami Shri Shovim Ji and Swami Shri Govindanand Ji Maharaj.

What is Shaktipat?
Shaktipat is a means of awakening the Shakti towards inner consciousness and to make it perform automatic movements (Kriyas). All types of Sadhna, Upasana and Yogic practices are assimilated in this path.

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